Dining at Camp Southwoods

Campers need their energy.

The meals and snacks we serve are delicious, nutritionally balanced with lots of variety to make sure kids have the fuel they need to take on the day.

We take the needs of campers and staff with food allergies and/or requiring special diets seriously. And, because peanut and tree nut allergies are common and can be severe, we have chosen not to serve any nut products at Camp Southwoods. Sunflower butter is a safe alternative and is offered every day at our lunch and dinner salad bars.

Our food service director, is a qualified and experienced school and large group food service professional.

Our food service director, our head girls’ counselor and assistant director, is a registered dietitian with school foodservice, food allergy and special diets experience.

To ensure mealtime is safe, our foodservice staff is trained to prepare meals using separate and sterilized utensils, cutting boards and cookware. The team goes to great lengths to ensure campers have safe alternatives so that their meals and snacks are as enjoyable and varied as well. These precautions are in place in the dining room, cookout sites and off-camp trips.

We also offer meat-free meal alternatives. Our lunch and dinner salad bars, pasta and potato bars offer more variety as well.

Camp Southwoods Dining
Dining at Camp Southwoods
Dining at Camp Southwoods
Dining at Camp Southwoods