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Summers at Camp Southwoods are REAL

Camp Southwoods, the coed overnight summer camp where kids create the most cherished Remember-When stories of their lives!

Snuggled in the grand Adirondacks of New York, Camp Southwoods is a place where children feel safe and free to explore all the wonders that life can bring them.

Our time-honored traditions transform campers into life-long friends, experiences into valuable lessons, and activities into a whole lot of awesome memories.

Learn about how our 2, 4, or 6-week camp programs will be the one of the best investments you will ever make for your child.


The connections made between campers, staff, families and the leadership team are at the heart of everything we do


We create positive experiences everyday. Our 80+ activities and programs offer a world of possibilities only accessible at CSW.


Campers indulge their child-like wonder to explore the Adirondacks and beyond with their CSW family.


The growth and impact each camper experiences at CSW continues to influence and shape their life. CSW makes that kind of impact
Camp Southwoods Life
Camp Southwoods Life
Camp Southwoods Life